Brake Servicing

Having reliable brakes is essential when travelling on the roads – nobody knows when you may have to stop suddenly, and ensuring that your car can do so safely and quickly is essential.

If you’re worried that your brakes may not be functioning as well as they should, or would just like the extra confidence that comes with knowing that everything is in full working order, our expert vehicle technicians can check your brake system to identify any potential problems. They complete a thorough check of your brake discs and pads so that you, and those around you, can be safe when you’re in the driving seat.

Why Choose Charlwood Auto Repairs For Your Brake Servicing?

While there are numerous garages offering brake servicing in Horley and the surrounding area, when you bring your vehicle to Charlwood Auto Repairs we can offer you a number of outstanding benefits.

  • We provide a dealership level of brake servicing at a much lower cost.
  • We can carry out brake servicing on all makes and model of vehicle thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our vehicle technicians.
  • Our friendly and approachable team are highly skilled in all elements of brake repair, and therefore if an issue is identified, you can rest assured that we can rectify it at a price you can afford.

Contact Charlwood Auto Repairs today and enquire about our brake servicing.


  • Why Do I Need To Service My Brake Discs And Pads?

    Your vehicle’s brake discs and pads are vital to your ability to safely drive your car as if they are not functioning properly you are unable to stop your vehicle quickly to avoid hazards and obstacles. From time to time, your brake pads and discs will begin to wear and will therefore require replacement, however making sure to do this before they become too worn is essential, not only to prevent further issues from occurring, but also for your own safety.

  • How Will I Know If My Brakes Require Replacing?

    There are a number of tell-tale signs to look out for that suggests you may need to replace your brake discs and pads, including:

    • Squealing sounds when braking
    • Juddering
    • A longer stopping distance
    • The vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes

    If you notice any of these signs, you should contact us immediately to arrange a brake inspection.

  • What Do You Check In A Brake Service?

    We can inspect your brake components visually to look for any evidence of rusting or other damage that could affect the performance of your vehicle. We will also check for wear on the brake shoes, pads and discs as well as the condition of your brake callipers, pipes, cables, drums, fluids and lights so that we can obtain a clear picture of the health of your vehicle’s braking system- any faults which need to be rectified.

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